Lapland (Finland)

Intelligent communal logistic data system for Lapland (Finland) Lapland, in North Finland, is a sparsely populated rural area, where distances are long, climate harsh and thus the logistic conditions are demanding. The cross-border road E8 is highly used for sea food transports, travel and tourism. All three are fast growing

Piedmont (Italy)

Precision dairy farming and social eco-tourism in rural area of Piedmont (Piemont Region- Italy) The pilot area is in the province of Cuneo, in the Piedmont region in a rural area near Cuneo, in the third largest province of Italy and is typical for agricultural production (fruits and vegetables) and

Penedès (Catalonia - Spain)

Bioenergy production from wineries’ agroforestry residues in Penedès wine region (Catalonia - Spain) The Catalan wine region of Penedès, located 60 km south-west of Barcelona, is a rural region of Catalonia whose main agricultural activity is the production of wine and Cava). The city of Vilafranca del Penedès is the

Västerbotten (Sweden)

Improving public service of energy advisory in rural area: an open-access smart tool (Sweden) Region Västerbotten is the second largest region by surface area in Sweden, the region consists largely of rural areas, being more sparse and rural than most other regions in Europe. It is classified as a non-metropolitan

Hålogaland (Norway) - Tourism

Hyperlocal tourism and mobility services in the Arctic (Narvik and Harstad in Norway) The region north of the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia is one of the most sparsely populated areas in Europe, with a total number of inhabitants of only 900 000, split between Norway, Sweden and Finland. The region

Hålogaland (Norway) - Health

Home-based empowered Wellbeing and Health Service in the Arctic (Norway) The pilot aims to demonstrate how medical supplies and services can be offered to residents of rural regions by aerial drones. The region is recognized by settlements scattered over several islands, separated by mountains and valleys, difficult weather conditions, tall

Southern Burgenland (Austria)

Sustainable mobility, smart tourism and smart energy systems in Southern Burgenland (Austria) Southern Burgenland is a characteristic rural area in the southeast corner of Austria consisting of two districts within the province of Burgenland – Oberwart and Güssing. They cover an area of 1,228 km² and have a population of

Alentejo (Portugal)

Digital services creating critical mass in rural areas of Alentejo (Portugal) Alentejo region has a smart specialization strategy that defines several domains of which we highlight the domain of Heritage, Cultural and Creative Industries and Tourism Services, consolidating this as an important priority formally defined for Alentejo region. Four locations