Penedès (Catalonia - Spain)

Bioenergy production from wineries’ agroforestry residues in Penedès wine region (Catalonia - Spain)

The Catalan wine region of Penedès, located 60 km south-west of Barcelona, is a rural region of Catalonia whose main agricultural activity is the production of wine and Cava). The city of Vilafranca del Penedès is the central stakeholder in the region. Its municipality has recently engaged in several projects to foster rural development of the entire wine region, including bioenergy generation from vine shoots pruning residues, leading to small District Heating (DH) networks.
The INNOVI stakeholders association is promoting projects focused on the implementation of monitoring and Decision Support System (DSS) for energy and process management throughout the wine and Cava production chain and on the development of an intelligent tool for automatic evaluation of the main technologies for renewable energy and energy efficiency.
AURORAL will enhance alignmend with the following regional innovation and rural development policies and strategies: i) Strategy of the Catalan Government for the Promotion of the Green and Circular Economy; ii) Rural development program from the Catalan Government 2014 – 2020; iii) National Strategy against the Demographic Challenge; and iv) Bioeconomy strategy for a sustainable Europe launched in 2018.


Foster energetic valorisation of vine shoots pruning residues and the creation of new businesses associated to the entire biomass value chain by incorporate several IoT features to:
• Integrate different stakeholders along wine and biomass industries in order to provide match-making services and decision support systems (DSS).
• Tailor a marketplace to put in contact feedstock providers, energy consumers and technology providers in order to enable new business opportunities.
• Provide new opportunities through smart contracts and business modelling services.
Validate energy efficiency and renewable energy generation measures aligned with the overall Circular Economy (CE) strategy


• Ensure private stakeholders’ engagement through a digitalized rural marketplace integrated with a match-making collaborative platform, aimed at identification of business opportunities and decision-support service provisioning.
Integration of AURORAL commodity services with IoT services in the cloud-based service ELLIoT Cloud facilitating the mapping and brokerage of information from physical objects to Horizontal services, compliant with FIWARE and VICINITY common data model.