AURORAL (Architecture for Unified Regional and Open digital ecosystems for Smart Communities and wider Rural Areas Large scale application) focuses on increasing connectivity and delivering a digital environment of smart objects interoperable services platforms able to trigger dynamic rural ecosystems of innovation chains, applications and services. Thus, AURORAL contributes to increase economic growth and create jobs in rural areas and to tackle significant societal challenges, contributes to overcoming digital divide between rural and urban areas and to develop the potential offered by increased connectivity and digitisation of rural areas. AURORAL digital environment is demonstrated by cost-efficient and flexible cross-domain applications through large-scale pilots in five European regions. It builds on an open, API-based, interoperable and federated Internet of Things (IoT) architecture and includes a reference implementation supporting flexible integration of heterogeneous services, bridging the interoperability gap of the smart object platforms and creating markets for services in rural areas.


   • 11 rural end-users in Europe (CCDRA, SMART INNOV NORWAY, HAFEN, DIGIPOLIS, EEE, TVRO, TESORI COOP, AIGUASOL, CLUSTER BIOMASSA, ENVIRONM PARK, NARVIK) representing rural areas across the whole continent (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and arctic regions of Norway, Sweden and Finland). All, the involved regions are executing rural transformation programs on national or European level, such as smart village concepts.
   • 6 world-class technical research centres and universities (CERTH, SINTEF, UPM, DEUSTO, UMEA, UNIV OULU) offering cutting-edge scientific background, as well as low TRL foundational research capabilities and ability to disseminate through top-notch scientific journals and conferences;
   • leading industrial companies and SMEs (ATOS, BVR, BOSONIT, LUXACTIVE, UNP and IrRADIARE), with significant state-of-the-art background in the field of ICT and smart village/city area with recent experience in ambitious European R&D projects, demonstrated dissemination and exploitation capabilities, a strong product orientation, as well as access to the targeted market where they have leading positions;
   • And last but not least 2 international networks (DIGITAL SME, FEBEA) disposing with significant potential to accelerate AURORAL impact through providing access to potential innovators in the EU (DIGITAL SME) as well as to investors (FEBEA). Moreover, Network of Rural regions is involved indirectly via partner CCDRA, to facilitate the access to European rural regions.

The European dimension of the consortium is very high with partners from 10 European countries including Portugal, Norway, Finland, Austria, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Slovakia and Belgium.

Lead partner: CCDR Alentejo

Estimated Project Cost: €16 369,837.50

Requested EU Contribution: €14 569,392.75

Investment platform: €50M

Start Date: 01 Jan 2021

Duration: 48 months